Stranger #02 (Latif)

Stranger #02 (Latif)

After taking my first stranger’s portrait of Selim, I was got busy with some professional task, but finally I’m back on my stranger project with pretty much more courage to talk strangers (lol).

This time I found my second stranger (Latif) on a International Trade Fair held in my city. I was went there with my friend and walking around. I was shooting some candid shot’s which i normally do all the time. Suddenly, my eyes stopped at Latif, he looks so fancy and seems so funny. I tried to take some candid shot of him. But he started to give me pose with smile after seeing me. Bingo, I just found my second stranger. 🙂

Latif’s smiley face made my work so easy. He was very glad when I asked about taking some photo of him for my running project. I shot couple of photos and let him see those, I was wonder when I saw him thinking and surprisingly he select these two photos for the project 🙂 . After shooting we chatted for few time and he revealed he was using this kind of fancy props from 6 years for attracting customer for the shop he worked. He has two daughter and both are married. He is very happy with his life. I have enjoyed a lot talking with him. A very jolly minded and friendly old man. after few times we both thanks to each other for our time and we back to our own way.

A big thanks to Mr. Latif for being a part of this project. And I would like to thanks the viewers hoping you
all enjoy the photos 🙂

You can also follow my ‘100 Strangers’ project on my stream 100 Strangers and others on Flickr group of 100 Strangers

© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – please do contact me if you wish to use any of my images.

Thank You for watching my Photograph.

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