Stranger #01 (Selim)


After following few photographers work finally I decided to start 100 Strangers project and I must say that this is like challenge for me to show such kind of courage and approach unknown people that seems so daunting to me…

It was afternoon when I walk besides a shopping mall and saw a man sitting in-front of the mall and selling some street food. He was smiling alone and that attract me so interestingly and I decided to made him my first strangers. I gently forward to him and thinking how should I approach, what should I say.. But, Amazingly I don’t need to say anything to him. When he saw me he said, Will you take a photo of mine sir ? Well, that’s called relief… I was surprised and say with a happy smile, of course I will take some photo of you and I take few photos

His name is Selim. Once he was a Electrician but, after failure of one kidney he can’t work like before so, now he sells street food. We chatted for few times and he seems so exited to know about my project and saw his photos that I take. He wish me luck for my project and said me to not give up… and those words inspired me a lot.

A big thanks to Selim for helping me to start the journey of that project. Hope you guys like my effort and keep inspire me πŸ™‚

You can also follow my ‘100 Strangers’ project on my stream <a href=””&gt; 100 Strangers</a> and others on <a href=””&gt; Flickr group of 100 Strangers</a>


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